Chocolate Iced Coffee



I am currently a coffee fiend (I MADE IT!) who desperately wishes that morning cup, really getting excited to drop by bed only due to java in the early morning.

It is the verrrry small things.

close Also, it’s magic that I am still married because Eddie hundred % still loathes coffee, particularly the scent of it. If I actually need him out from the home, I simply do 2 cups. Functions as a charm.

chocolate milk iced mochas
These adorable coffee ice cube balls?! I adore them.

I discovered the molds at the neighborhood supermarket of mine and they also earn each and every morning better. Iced coffee weather for liiiiife.

chocolate milk iced mochas

Almost 5 years ago I posted THIS about not loving a cup of coffee, but looking to like a cup of coffee, but liking coffee ice cream… so producing the coffee flavor of mine as espresso ice cream. It would not be until aproximatelly 2 years later when I REALLY began drinking coffee and enjoying it sparingly, then 2 much more after that when I started to be somewhat reliant on coffee (oh hi zero sleeping kid) even if said coffee was black.

That was basically blasphemy in the environment of mine.

It is not a normal occurrence though it definitely occurs in moments of desperation.

chocolate milk iced mochas
So! I’ve brand new favorite iced coffee recipe. I definitely still appreciate all of those homemade syrups (who wouldn’t?!) but for a quickie mocha at home, this’s what I am performing.

chocolate milk iced mochas
My brand new and enhanced semi high maintenance mocha includes:

vanilla powder in the cold brew of mine. ADDICTIVE. So delicious and wonderful

and… wait for it…

chocolate milk. Chocolate freaking milk! I cannot even let you know the very last time I drank chocolate milk, though it had been was most likely love 7 years back when I purchased it “to be healthy” since it is an excellent post workout recovery drink. Ha. HAHAHAHAHA.

Right correctly.

chocolate milk iced mochas
I drizzled in several chocolate syrup (trader joe’s version) right here – somewhat on the bottom part (it seems as a great deal but theses are extremely skinny tall glasses) along with somewhat within the rim. I still love it without the chocolate syrup and also in daily life, usually bypass it since I would prefer to eat bacon, cheese, peanut butter chocolate spoons, burgers and pizza in case I need them. You understand?

But on the few days? Try to give me all of the dark chocolate.

And it will save me like a billion plus 2 bucks at Starbucks.

Put it with the list for this weekend: coffee along with chocolate milk. It is a fantasy.

chocolate milk iced mochas
Five from one vote
One cup coarsely ground coffee
Two tablespoons vanilla powder
Three 1/2 cups cold, preferably filtered water
Three to four tablespoons chocolate syrup
One cup cold chocolate milk
coffee ice cubes
The evening before, add the coffee grinds and vanilla powder on the bottom part of the french media of yours or even to a large measuring cup. Coverage with the chilly water. Place the in fridge (covered! or perhaps with the new press top part, not pressed) immediately, for a minimum of eight to twelve hours.
In the early morning, press the coffee in the media or maybe put it over a coffee filter (or perhaps two) into a bigger bowl or perhaps pitcher. Load up a glass with a little chocolate syrup on the bottom part and (coffee) ice cubes. Put in the coffee of yours and after that load up the majority of the cup with chocolate milk. Drizzle additional chocolate on the rim. I have too topped this with coconut whipped cream!
Note: I will have a espresso that I use consistently and in case I am pressed for time or even deeply craving cold brew, I will often just brew that over ice. Slightly watered down but really good enough for me!

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