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Bespoke | bē- spōk |
{ made to fit a specific person }

SOULyour cleanse

BESPOKE cleansing, because like no two bodies are alike neither should a cleanse. It all starts with you, who you are, how you feel, what you need…and what makes you tick…

-We like to keep things clean just as you do, which is why we have designed a well balanced juice for everyBODY. But when it comes to cleansing our internal system we believe in giving you something smart & unexpected.

A BESPOKE cleanse program is simple. We will work with you and an in-house registered dietician, health coach or doctor to produce a program with your SOUL purpose.

To start your bespoke package, get in touch with us on:
+971 56 303 0336

1 Day

325 aed

A quick fix for a late evening

or a oops in your routine.

3 Day

888 aed

Maybe you’re first,

maybe you’re routine

cleanse time.

5 Day

1290 aed

It’s getting serious,

allow us to guide you.

7 Day

1705 aed

YOU are going for it,

we are ready.

10 Day

2033 aed

A tall order, but you

definitely have a goal

in mind.